Looking for a specialist in Devon? Our talented roofers have you covered, providing quality services at competitive prices. Manipulating the lead to fit your roof without causing damage or stress requires precision and skill, of which we have plenty. Having applied flashings, aprons, gutters, valleys, soakers, and lead flat roofing to many domestic properties over the years, you could say we’re industry leaders! Whether for a new roof installation or a repair project on a listed building, we can carry out professional efficient work at great rates, providing great value for money. Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation or to discuss your roofing project with a member of the team.

What Is Roofing Leadwork?

Leadwork is primarily for preventing water entering gaps between each roof element, such as around the chimney or at joining points. In some circumstances it can also completely cover a flat roof; most commonly on lean-tos, porches, and small extensions.

Lead can be applied as:

Professional Lead Flashing Installation

Our team are highly experienced in all aspects of roofing, including waterproofing and, of course, lead flashing installations. Leading a roof involves carefully moulding the lead without stressing it, and our roofers have become well practiced in lead manipulation over the years. After fitting, we will apply the most suitable sealant to suit, such as mortar, roofing cement, or specialist silicone caulking.

Benefits of Leadwork in Roof Installation

The benefits of leadwork in roof installation is largely in its ability to prevent water from accessing roof spaces. Expanding and contracting depending on temperature makes it well-suited to the changes in British weather. As a centuries-old technique, leading a roof is also usually suitable for listed building roof repairs. Finally, a well applied lead flashing enhances the appearance of your roof. The aesthetics of which can be particularly important if you are looking to sell your property in the near future.

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